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We know that Google Chrome is best in surfing but when it comes on Ram using internet explorer is more better.So, We created AGC(Akb Google Chrome) Launcher.

1.What AGC Launcher do?

Ans:-AGC Launcher is best in launching Google Chrome without using external libraries, Background Website, Web Apps, Background Updating of chomre, Tracking Stoper and more.

2.Do AGC Launcher collect my details?

Ans:-No at all.AGC Launcher is made to serve people not us.

3.Why shoud i use AGC Launcher?

Ans:- Even if you have a better pc use AGC launcher because it help your pc to sit and you to watch.

4.Where can i find updates for AGC Launcher

Ans:- https://ashishcode.blogspot.com

5.Who has made AGC launcher?

Ans:- Ashishdeep khokher(Our Ceo and founder) @ashishdeepkhokher08

6.Do AGC has facebook page?

Ans:- You can use @real.codewithashish to acces latest updates and post about AGC Launcher

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